Pukara in the Media

This page collects a variety of online materials related to Pukara and the town of Pucará, including links to newspaper articles, travel-related videos, and other information about the region. They are posted in roughly chronological order.

Reportaje del programa Museos Puertas Abiertas, de TVPerú (2011, 25 minutes). A tour of the archaeological site and Museo Lítico Pukara with host Dr. Luis Repetto, local archaeologists, and artisans from the town of Pucará. 

Puno Circuitos Turísticos, Promotional video by Proyecto GESTUR-Puno/ SwissContact (2010, 6 minutes). Pukara/Pucará is one of the stops promoted within the “Hombres y Piedras” tourist circuit (:53 to 1:30).

Radio Expeditions: Lost Temples of Peru, NPR (2002, various videos & photos). Alex Chadwick and NPR Radio Expeditions stop by Pukara during our excavations in 2001 while they were visiting archaeological sites across the northern Titicaca Basin with UCLA’s Charles Stanish.