Archaeology Blogs

There are many online sources of information about archaeology– here are just a few suggestions (in no particular order and just getting started… send me more suggestions!):

  • A Day of Archaeology.  “Have you ever wondered what archaeologists really get up to? Is it all just digging or is there a lot more to it? The Day of Archaeology project aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world.” Day of Archaeology began in 2011 and this year will be held on Friday, July 28, 2017.
  • Past Thinking. Excellent list of archaeology blogs on Past Thinking, which is  “a blog about all aspects of heritage, including archaeology, history, museums, and technology. It is written by Tom Goskar and Tehmina Goskar, two freelance heritage professionals based in Cornwall, UK.”
  • Trowelblazers. “TrowelBlazers is dedicated to outreach activities aimed at encouraging participation of women and underrepresented groups in archaeological, geological, and palaeontological science.” This is a personal favorite, which I use regularly in my teaching and research. There are a few entries about Andean archaeologists, including Constanza Ceruti who studies high elevation Inca sites in her home country of Argentina.
  • Bad Archaeology. Kevin Fitzpatrick-Matthews is an Archaeology Officer in the UK and the blog is “the brainchild of a couple of archaeologists who are fed up with the distorted view of the past that passes for knowledge in popular culture. We are unhappy that books written by people with no knowledge of real archaeology dominate the shelves at respectable bookshops. We do not appreciate news programmes that talk about ley lines (for example) as if they are real.”
  • Another list of archaeology blogs from Feedspot.