Pukara Lithic Museum

The Museo Lítico Pukara (Pukara Lithic Museum) is an archaeological site museum operated by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, which has a regional office in the nearby city of Puno. It features a number of galleries with stone sculpture, impressive pottery, and other artifacts recovered from the site and neighboring town. The site museum and archaeological site were featured in an episode of Museos Puertas Abiertas, TVPerú (25 minutes).

In 2011 a new gallery was opened at the museum– La Herencia Pukara: 3000 Años de Historia y Tradición— that presents information about contemporary crafting practices in Pucará. Potters and weavers from Pucará donated raw materials and finished objects to the gallery, in addition to providing information for the wall texts and photos of their workshops and products. There are also a number of pottery workshops in Pucará where it is possible to buy local handicrafts.

The museum, located in the Plaza de Armas in Pucará, is open from 9am- 5pm and closed Mondays. There are a number of tour companies that stop briefly (<45 minutes) in Pucará on the route between Puno and Cuzco. Private tours of the museum and site can be arranged with tour companies in Puno or by hiring local guides in Pucará.