Welcome, Bienvenidos & Allinllachu!

Welcome to the project website of Elizabeth Klarich, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst Colleges. 

The Pukara Archaeological Project is a multi-year effort directed towards unraveling issues related to urbanism, uses of monumental space, alternative leadership strategies, and the institutionalization of inequality in complex societies. The site is located in the northern Lake Titicaca Basin and reached its largest extent from approximately 200 BC- AD 200. Pukara has a long occupational history, complex architecture and site organization, and covers a vast area (over 1km2). We look forward to many years of fieldwork and artifact analysis to help us begin to understand the founding, utilization, and decline of this key site within local and regional contexts. 

This work has been generously funded through the National Science Foundation, Fulbright Hays, University of California-Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, the Heinz Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Anthropological Foundation, and also supported by the INC-Peru. We have also collaborated with the administration, students and faculty from the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano-Puno

We are in the process of updating the website, so please do let us know if there are any glitches during your visit. Additional information will be added over the next few weeks. Thank you. 

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